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    Armanee Terrace Awarded Best Resort-Inspired Development 2017

    Most people would have to pay the cost of travelling just so they can enjoy the luxury that some resorts have to offer but the residents of Armanee Terrace will only need to step out of their doorstep to experience the same kind of luxury.…
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    Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2015

    The Lion Dance which is synonymous with the Chinese Lunar New Year was performed at our Armanee Terrace Condo this morning offering us luck and good fortune.The Lion dance troupe did a traditional custom of “cai ching”, literally translated “plucking the greens” tied to a…
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    ATC Residents Raise RM18,000 for Nepal

    The tragic loss of life, homes and other property caused by the earthquake in Nepal is indeed sobering. There have been many moving stories that we have heard since the tragedy struck and we at ATC feel the human connection to those suffering closer to…
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